10 times waiters got the last laugh on customers who made their lives harder

June 29th, 2021

Service workers have to put up with A LOT. Even if you are on your best behavior in a restaurant, for example, you know that’s not the case for every customer.

So it’s no surprise that they get fed up every once in a while.

And while they can’t really get revenge without losing their jobs, they can “clap back” a little.

Here are our 10 favorite photos of waiters and waitresses sticking it to customers, just a little:

1. Small fry

Unless you ordered a specific number of fries, you can probably get over having one dropped (as long as it’s not put back on your plate).

We just want to know what the kitchen thought when he went back to that solitary french fry.

2. Ask and you shall receive

When the waiter asked what my little brother wanted for dessert, he said “nothing.” He was not amused.

Do you like pouting for dessert? Because this waiter can make that happen.

Jokes on you, kid!

3. It’s not all about you

Yes, we expect decent service and attention from waitstaff. But if they’re headed in another direction, that’s probably not the time to ask for something.

4. No more messes

If you’re going to make a mess like a kid, maybe you should get a sippy cup.

Luckily, it looks like this guy saw the humor in it all!

5. When life gives you lemons

Aren’t lemons some of the dirtiest things in restaurants? Maybe skip them altogether instead of insisting on them.

6. The customer is not always right

Sometimes the customer is a real jerk. Imagine serving people all day long and having something treat you like crap. We’d have the same reaction.

7. Capitalizing on feedback

Online reviews can be just awful. In fact, restaurants should be able to rate customers – especially ones like this!

8. Not ENTIRELY wrong

Starbucks’ baristas seem to take pleasure in spelling names wrong, but this one cracks us up. Do you really need your name spelled with precision on your cup? C’mon.

9. Smile!

Last night at Waffle House my friends and I asked our waiter to take a picture of us with my iPhone. He made us do a bunch of different poses and then walked away laughing… Every picture he took was like this.

This one made us laugh out loud.

Do you really need a group photo at Waffle House? It’s not in a waiter’s job description to be a photographer, so this guy found a nice way of getting that point across.

10. Service without a smile

That’s certainly one way to say goodbye. It looks like this customer won’t be missed!


Want to see some more ways waiters and waitresses got back at rude customers? Scroll down below for a video of some Reddit comments.

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Source: Reddit – r/funny, YouTube – ToadFilms