30 Cheesy, Delicious Quiche Recipes

Everyone loves a good quiche, but they have a reputation as a fancy, hard-to-make food that’s reserved for great chefs. In reality, you don’t have to be a gourmet cook to make a quiche that’s unforgettable.

You probably know that “quiche” is pronounced “keesh” and not “queesh” (or, even worse, “quickie”) but you might not know just what goes into this delectable egg dish to make it so yummy.

Even though quiche is considered a traditional part of French cuisine, similar dishes were actually recorded in England and Italy many centuries earlier. But we won’t discount the contributions of France — it was French chefs who made this creamy egg pastry what we know as modern quiche.

One of the best parts about quiche is that it’s essentially a savory egg pastry. Who wouldn’t love the best part of breakfast in a flaky pie crust? Of course, modern versions might use crepes instead of crust or skip it altogether. The good news is – there’s a version for everyone.

Whether you love a creative riff on the French classic or you’re a purist who prefers the traditional version, you’re bound to find something you love in this list of 30 delicious quiche recipes.