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15 Boozy Summer Hacks To Elevate Your Day Drinking Game

June 24th, 2018

Summer is the season for day drinking and you can’t day drink without drinks. You can seriously upgrade your day drinking game by knowing a few tips and tricks.

Here Are 15 Summer Drinking Hacks To Elevate Your Day Drinking Game:

1) Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears

You can add these to drinks or serve on their own. Just pour some vodka in a bowl and submerge your gummy bears in vodka. let them soak for about 20 hours. Get the full details and recipe here.

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Drunken Gummy Bears Source: Drunken Gummy Bears

2) Beer Ice Cubes

You can drink cold beer in the summer if you make some beer ice cubes. They will keep your beer cold without watering it down. Just freeze some beer in an ice tray.

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Hannah Loewentheil/BuzzFeed Source: Hannah Loewentheil/BuzzFeed

3) Fruit Ice Cubes

Toss one of these in a glass of rosé or with some seltzer water. Just chop up some fruits and herbs and place in a cub tray. Cover with water and freeze. If you want to make them see-through and perfect for Instagram, you can fill them with boiling water before you freeze them.


4) Use Water Balloons To Chill Drinks

Use frozen water balloons to chill your cooler down instead of a bag of ice. Just fill balloons with water and freeze overnight. You can use them for a water balloon fight when they melt. Just make sure they are fully melted!

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A Subtle Revelry Source: A Subtle Revelry

5) Spicy Watermelon Margarita Ice Pops

These have tequila! Not only do they make a refreshing treat with fresh fruit, but there’s booze in it. Get the recipe here.

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RealSimple Source: RealSimple

6) Jam Cocktails

Jam cocktails allow you to feature fancy drinks at your party while still keeping them easy to make. You can use all different kinds of alcohol with these. Here’s how to make one with gin, one with rum and with vodka.

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Dessert For Two Source: Dessert For Two

7) Orange Vodka Shooters

Another fun yet super simple day drinking tip is making boozy orange shooters. Just cut a hole in your oranges and shove flavored vodka shooters inside. Learn how to make them here.

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

8) Place A Spoon To Keep Bubbles in Bubbly

Place an upside-down spoon in your champagne or sparkling drink bottles. It will keep the bubbles in your bubbly much longer and prevent it from going flat. Get the details here.

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Hannhan Loewenthell/BuzzFeed Source: Hannhan Loewenthell/BuzzFeed

9) Boozy Fruit Bowl

Serve some fruit salad with a twist. Vodka-infused melon balls are super easy to make. Get the recipe here.

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Healthy Nibbles and Bits Source: Healthy Nibbles and Bits

10) Chill Down Warm Beer

A way to quickly chill warm beer is to wrap each bottle with a wet paper towel. Place your beer in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure you remove them after that because if they are left too long they could explode.

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Megan Willett/Tech Insider Source: Megan Willett/Tech Insider

11) Sangria Jell-O Shots

These are delicious and pretty to look at. Just grab some wine, unflavored gelatin, and some fruit. Get the full recipe here.

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Delish Source: Delish

12) Wine Slushies

All you need are two ingredients to make these. Frozen fruit and wine. Toss in a blender with a few ice cubes and you’re done.

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Lilliedale Source: Lilliedale

13) Frozen Strawberry Stars

A simple and fun way to jazz up your day drinking is with frozen strawberries stars. Just cut your strawberry slices into star shapes and freeze. Pop them in your guests’ glasses for a festive treat that won’t water down their drink.

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A Subtle Revelry Source: A Subtle Revelry

14) Boozy Capri Sun

Toss a Capri Sun in the freezer overnight or at least six hours. Cut off the top and loosen up the ice in the packet. Pop a shot of a alcohol inside the packet and eat with a spoon and straw.

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Thrillist Source: Thrillist

15) Watermelon Punch Keg

This is another fun summery way to elevate your day drinking offerings. Just scoop out the inside, pour in booze and install a spigot. Get the details in the video below.

Source: Tipsy Bartender

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