New Mandalorian hot cocoa bombs slowly unveil baby Yoda marshmallow as they melt away

November 27th, 2020

The weather is becoming colder and you can feel the breeze coming from afar, that simply means the holiday season is coming. This also means that the coming days will soon start to freeze you and you better start buying those thick, furry coats to protect you from the cold weather.

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However, there are people who are not a fan of putting on some heavy clothing, and that’s understandable. Thankfully, Galerie came up with a cute idea and brought another cute character to their hot cocoa bomb products.

The mastermind behind this cute plan.

The company Galerie is founded by a creative entrepreneur named Richard (Rick) Ross. According to their website, he has…

“…an unparalleled passion for candy and making people smile.”

And when talking about their products, they say:

“We create and sell a wide range of candy products that include ceramics, plush, sequin, tin, interactive toy items and more. “

Usually, a hot cocoa bomb is a hollow chocolate ball that is filled with tiny marshmallows inside. One of the probable reasons why it’s called a “bomb” is because once you pour hot milk (perhaps any hot liquid) on it, the choco ball will melt and the marshmallows will come exploding from the inside out.

A “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” character inside your hot cocoa bomb?

This is what Galerie decided to do with their newest character addition to their hot cocoa bombs. Inside the 2.12-ounce hot cocoa bomb that’s made of milk chocolate is a cutie “The child” marshmallow, also known as Grogu.

“Grogu, also known as “The Child” and colloquially known as “Baby Yoda” among fans and the media, is a character from the Star Wars Disney+ original television series The Mandalorian. He is an infant member of the same unnamed alien species as the Star Wars character Yoda, with whom he shares a strong ability in the Force.”

A holiday product only?

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Though it’s not indicated that this is a Christmas product, it came out during the holiday season- so don’t expect it to be available in the market for a long period of time. It may or may not, perhaps it will all depend on the sales of the product, only the company knows.

If you are a hot cocoa and Star Wars fan, particularly of “The Child” character, then you will definitely go bananas on this one.

We bet that some people would just keep this merchandise and display it together with their toy collection, especially after discovering that baby Yoda is just a marshmallow.

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Maybe because they don’t want to have a soft baby Yoda rolling down their stomach? Whatever the reason is, we can’t deny the fact that these hot cocoa bombs stuffed with a baby Yoda inside are one of the cutest and sweetest treats that we’ve seen this holiday season.

It is just too cute to be eaten.

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Would you not agree with me on this one? I mean, seriously, can you afford to munch that cute little marshmallow? I don’t know about you, but I might not be able to grab a hold of myself once I see the actual product.

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Either way, having a baby Yoda inside your hot cocoa ball doesn’t get any cuter and cooler than this.

Aside from the side snacks that you can have along with every sip of your hot choco, these choco bombs are just making quite a stir on the internet and the people are taking sides about their opinion about it.

Try grabbing one and let the force awaken you during this cold season.

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