Woman Cuts Open Watermelon After One Year On Her Counter

December 30th, 2019

When we think if watermelon we think of summer refreshment. We think of succulent red flesh and sweet tropical flavors. It’s the summer fruit to rule all summer fruit. A favorite flavor for candies, ice cream, even things you’re not supposed to eat like scented candles, which do not actually taste like watermelon…or so I’m told…I haven’t eaten a candle if that’s what you’re thinking…who told you I did?

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Of course, like any fruit, even watermelon can come to be past its prime. As any regular produce-buyer will tell you, you’ve gotta keep a close eye on all those fruits and vegetables that can begin to rot all too easily. There’s nothing like a bowl full of softening fruit surrounded by fruit flies to make you feel like you’re not adulting very well.

But what happens when you do leave your watermelon for too long?

What if you don’t eat it for a WHOLE YEAR?

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Nita Gill answers this pressing question on her online food channel.

Nita introduces her video with a loud blow into a birthday kazoo and begins to tell us about her one year old watermelon.

“Have you ever celebrated the first birthday of a watermelon? I know I haven’t! And yes, you heard it right, I said the first birthday of a watermelon, not celebrating a first birthday with a watermelon”

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According to her story, Nita got the watermelon over a year before she made her video, and after leaving it for a few months, instead of throwing it out decided to see what happens if you leave it for a whole year. While the watermelon is visibly still a bright green, it has only developed one small patch of mold. This is a bizarrely small amount of mold to appear on fruit after such a long time, and Nita even questions if this may be because of genetic modification.

And if this kind of resistance to mold is the result, how else has this watermelon fared after so long?

Comparing her one-year-old watermelon to a fresh one, Nita comments that the old one is significantly lighter. Is there even any flesh in there?

So the moment of truth arrives… time to cut it open!

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It cuts fairly easily, but instead of the solid, moist cutting noise you’d expect from a watermelon, it sounds way more hollow and husky. Think in your mind’s ear what it sounds like to cut a squash open… bingo, you got it.

The flesh has turned orange toward the rind and the once rich, red flesh has become a light-pinkish.

It’s safe to say that this watermelon is definitely past its best!

Basically, it looks like an off-color pumpkin. Nita describes the texture as “slimy”.

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Some of the comments on this video are absolutely hilarious. One viewer was a tad skeptical of these great findings:

“What am I supposed to do with this information”- Lauren Pinkie
Another took the opportunity to get funny with the video:
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“Why was this so entertaining?! Hahaha”- MsheridanZ
For what it’s worth Nita, I think that seeing the transformation this watermelon undergoes is fascinating.

Watch the full video below to see this bizarrely aged fruit!

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Source: Nita Gill