Make a perfect sweet and savory glazed ham with a few simple ingredients

December 6th, 2019

Sabrina Snyder has shared her secret recipe for the perfect glazed ham. This mom knows the importance of the perfect holiday meal and she is ready to share it with the world.

Her baked ham with brown sugar glaze recipe combines orange juice, honey, brown, sugar and spices. The best part is that is cooks in just ninety minutes, leaving plenty of time in the day for other things – like spending time with family and eating ham!

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Let’s get started!

The prep time for this recipe is a short five minutes. Cooking will take approximately an hour and a half. As for the number of servings, this recipe is intended to provide fifteen portions. However, that and the cooking time may vary depending on the weight of your ham.

Determine how long your cook time will be

For each pound of precooked ham, you will need to cook it for ten minutes in the oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a meat thermometer to make sure it has reached an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit before removing the ham from the oven.

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Collect your ingredients

You will need:

  • A spiral cut ham, preferably precooked with the bone in
  • One cup of brown sugar, packed (can be substituted with white sugar and a tablespoon of molasses)
  • Half a cup of honey
  • Half a cup of orange juice (can be substituted with pineapple juice)
  • One teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • Half a teaspoon of ground cloves
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Prepare the ingredients and ham

Collect the ingredients and a large roasting pan with a roasting rack. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and you’re ready to start preparing the perfect holiday dish!

Rinse the ham, gently pat it dry, and place it in the center of a large and open piece of tinfoil on the roasting rack in the pan.

Take your ingredients and mix them together in a saucepan on a low temperature. Bring them to a boil for three to four minutes. Remove the mixture from the heat and pour it over each slice of ham to make sure that no spot is missed. Pour any remaining mixture over the top of the ham.

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Get baking!

Wrap the tinfoil tightly around your glazed ham and place it, still on the rack in the roasting pan, into the oven for approximately one and a half hours. Near the end of the time, use a meat thermometer to make sure the ham has reached 145 degrees Fahrenheit and is done.

In the last two to three minutes before you remove the ham from the oven, take the tinfoil off and broil the ham in the oven to create the perfect browned and caramelized glaze effect. Be sure to watch the ham carefully at this stage to avoid any burning, since it can occur quickly during broiling.

The final preparation

Once your ham is removed from the oven, it will need to rest on the counter. This is the perfect time to make the final touches on the rest of your holiday meal.

Before you serve the ham, make sure to provide a spicy brown or yellow mustard on the table to go with it.

Enjoy your meal, family, the holiday season, and the perfect glazed ham!

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Source: DinnerandDessert