Everyone knows that a professional baker can work amazing magic with frosting, fondant, and modeling chocolate. But let’s face it … some people prefer pie to cake! And no one ever said that you can’t make a beautiful pie.

That’s exactly what Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin is doing. This extraordinary pie baker has gained attention on social media and around the world for her skills in making pies. The best pies she makes? Her self-styled “nerd pies” that feature popular characters in sci-fi, fantasy, Disney, and more.

It takes serious skills to produce the kind of pies that Clark-Bojin makes. She doesn’t just experiment with ways to create beautiful designs in pie crust. She also gets creative with making the pies just as delicious as they are gorgeous!

In fact, people love her pies so much that her work has been featured on The Food Network, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Food & Wine, People, and more.

What’s even more surprising is that Clark-Bojin doesn’t actually have any professional training as a baker. What she does have is a design degree and a background in the film industry. It’s no wonder her pie designs are out of this world. In fact, they look almost too beautiful to eat … almost.