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This Easy Hack Is The Perfect Way To Cut Watermelon

May 9th, 2018

When it comes to delicious summer foods, few things are as sweet and refreshing as a big slice of watermelon. Though this delicious fruit originates from sub-Saharan Africa, it has since spread all around the world and become a staple of all backyard barbecues and cookouts. Because it gets particularly hot in the summer, a cold slice or two of this delicious fruit provides a blast of nutrition, hydration and a punch of sugary sweetness as well. Still, watermelons can be trickier fruits than they may seem.

For starters, there’s the question of how to pick a perfect watermelon when you’re at the grocery store. Once you’ve got that part accomplished, the next challenge is how to actually cut and serve your perfect watermelon. Even for people who have been eating this fruit for a long time, cutting watermelon always seems messy and inefficient. The juice can get everywhere and we always seem unsure of where to even start! Fortunately, we’ve got a perfect hack for how to cut and serve watermelon perfectly that will save you this summer.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • watermelon
  • cutting board
  • large mixing bowl
  • a large knife

Here’s what you do:

1. First, get your work station set up and lay your watermelon on the cutting board. Before doing anything else, cut your watermelon in half right down the middle. If your watermelon is particularly huge, you can make this process easier by making a smaller cut, twisting the fruit around and following the cut around until you’ve gone all the way through.

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2. Once it’s in half, set one half aside and turn the other one upside down on your cutting board so that the rind is facing upwards. Using your hand to stabilize the top of it, use the knife to carefully slice off all the rind by shaving downwards. After you’ve done the sides, you can carefully cut the rind off of the top as well. Clean it up a little at the end as necessary.

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3. When you’re satisfied, begin cutting the watermelon into wide slices or wedges moving all the way down the fruit. Throughout the cutting process, avoid moving the watermelon too much to keep the slices sandwiched next to each other and the juices still inside.

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4. Once you’ve cut it into slices, turn your cutting board 90 degrees and repeat the same process again. Again, be careful with your cuts and apply some pressure on the other side of the slices as necessary to keep the fruit all together! After this step, your watermelon should be sliced into nice, snack-size pieces.

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5. Last but not least, get your big mixing bowl and set it down upside down over the watermelon you just sliced—be sure to pick a bowl that can fit the entire fruit inside! The better the fit between the bowl and the melon, the better. Once it’s in, push the bowl against the cutting board to make a seal and flip it over!

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6. If done correctly, you’ll have a bowl full of perfectly sliced watermelon pieces with almost no mess! Give your work area a quick wipe down and you’re ready to eat!

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Although we all have our methods for cutting watermelon, few of them are as simple and clean-up-free as this one is! We know that if you have your own technique that you’ve been doing for years that we’re probably not going to change your mind. Still, for anyone who has ever been confused by how to approach a watermelon, you should definitely give this trick a try.

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